Tips in Grooming Your Dog Effectively


If you have decided to groom your dog personally to save some money, you have to know some tips in dog grooming before going near you dogs with scissors or clippers. While grooming dogs may look simple, there are several serious pitfalls which you have to avoid in order to keep your dog from having bloody paws because you’ve clipped his nails too low. Below are some tips on how to do this safely.


To have excellent results, you would need proper equipment. As a matter of fact, use similar equipment that the experts use. A number of these equipment must be utilized on those soft coat dogs, while several must be used for longer coat dogs.

  1. Bristle Brush- This brush is utilized on both kinds of dogs. It is coarse as well as used to get fine foreign matters off the dog’s coat. Click here should you need facts.
  1. Slicker Brush- It is used for longer coat dogs. It is made to avoid matting and eliminate tangles.
  1. Pin Brush- This is utilized for those long-haired dogs so as to remove any tangles.
  1. Dog Clippers- These specialized clippers are more beneficial than barber clippers since they have Snap-on attachments that allow for precise length.
  1. Stainless Steel Brushes- This brush is great as they do not rust. Also, they would last long and come in various lengths and sizes. Visit for facts.
  1. Stainless Steel Scissors- They are utilized for areas that are difficult to reach. Purchase safety tip stainless steel scissors when you like to trim at sensitive areas or when you have dogs that fidget.
  1. Stripping Knives- It is used for dogs which have wiry coats. You need to strip the coats of your wire-haired coats after several months.
  1. Rubber Brush- It is best utilized for dogs with short hair. Utilize it against your dog’s hide.

Nail Clipping

Purchase those strong clippers since flimsy ones would just break after several uses. While clipping the nails of your dog, pay attention on his nail’s coloring. You would see that at several points, the nail will turn pink. That is called as the toe nails’ ‘live’ part. You should not clip past this part or your dogs would bleed.

When you use these tips on a regular basis, you would be capable of noticing some warning signs which shows that you dog might have some health issues. For example, pay attention on the stomach of your dog. Be sure that there is no lumps as well as red and flaky dry skin. Read some dog ear cleaning tips.


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